Small details matter – Discover CANPACK metal closures and effects

In the world of packaging, it’s often the smallest details that leave the most significant impact. From the pop of a bottle cap to the intricate embossing on a crown, these seemingly minor elements can elevate a brand’s identity and captivate consumers. CANPACK specializes in metal closures and their effects that can revolutionize your packaging. Let’s explore the remarkable benefits and unique selling points of our metal closures, from preserving the freshness of your beverages to enhancing your brand’s visual appeal. Get ready to discover how these small details truly matter.

Exploring Metal Closures

Packaging is not just about aesthetics, it’s also about functionality and preservation. Metal closures, such as bottle caps and crown corks, have long been trusted to perform these essential tasks. Their significance lies in their ability to create an airtight seal, keeping the contents of a package fresh and free from contaminants. This sealing prowess is especially crucial for products that are sensitive to oxygen, such as beverages and foods.

One significant advantage of metal closures is their recyclability. According to statistics, 85.5% of steel packaging is currently recycled in Europe. Metal bottle caps are a part of this statistic and are highly sought after in recycling programs, contributing to a more sustainable packaging ecosystem. Brands looking to align themselves with sustainability-minded consumers and better demonstrate their commitment to reducing environmental impact can choose to adopt these metal closures, including their downgauged versions. Metal recycles indefinitely, and these closures can be easily separated from mixed waste due to the naturally magnetic features of the metal.

CANPACK offers a range of metal closures tailored to meet the diverse needs of various types of brands. These include:

  1. Twist Off Closures: These are easy-to-use closures that can be unscrewed with a simple twist. They are commonly used for non-alcoholic beer.
  2. Pry Off Closures: These require a bottle opener to remove. They are commonly used for beverages like beer, sodas and soft drinks, offering an added layer of security.
  3. Pull Off Closures: These closures are designed for a quick and effortless pull-off action. They are often used for premium beer brands and carbonated beverages.

The preservation benefits of metal bottle caps cannot be overstated, and each type, whether it’s the twist-off, pry-off, or pull-off variety, serves a unique purpose in safeguarding the contents of the package. Explore our full range of metal closures here.

Let’s take a look at a remarkable example of how CANPACK was the first to produce the Zero2 Cap for Carlsberg in a remarkable collaboration, significantly improving their metal closures.

Carlsberg recognizes that fresher beer equals better beer. They needed a packaging solution that could keep their bottled beer fresh for as long as possible. That’s where we stepped in with the innovative Zer02 Cap.

Our approach was to create a special cap with an engraved liner containing a scavenger that effectively removed oxygen from the bottle. This innovation was a game-changer, and ensured that the beer retained its freshness for extended periods of time. The result was the “Zer02 Cap,” which won the Silver medal in the Caps and Closures category at the CANS OF THE YEAR AWARDS 2019, organized by Canmaker Magazine. This success showcases our commitment to pushing the boundaries of metal closures for the benefit of both brands and consumers.

Innovation Through Special Effects

Beyond functionality, metal closures have the potential to be a canvas for creativity and brand enhancement. CANPACK takes metal closures to the next level with a range of special effects, both internal and external. These effects include laser printing, special prints, mixed effects, matt textures, embossing, pearl effects, and more.

Custom metal closures with special effects offer a unique opportunity for brands to enhance their image and leave a lasting impression on consumers. These effects also allow for intricate designs, precise matching of prints, and the ability to emphasize key elements of a brand’s identity. Explore our full range of metal closure effects here.

Let’s take a look at how CANPACK utilized special effects to help take Pilsner Urquell’s branding to the next level:

Pilsner Urquell uses bespoke CANPACK embossing technology”

Pilsner Urquell, a Czech-based brewer with a storied history dating back to 1842, sought to emphasize its legendary status and commitment to sustainability by redesigning its bottle caps. CANPACK partnered with Pilsner to develop a bespoke embossed crown cap that showcased the brand’s heritage and authenticity.

Embossing technology allowed for intricate detailing and precise alignment of the print, ensuring that the design truly highlighted Pilsner’s legendary status. This unique approach not only elevated their environmentally friendly packaging, but also left a lasting impression on consumers.

Seal the Deal with Stylish Metal Closures

Metal closures go beyond their primary function of just sealing products. They provide a canvas for innovation and brand enhancement, with CANPACK offering a wide range of closures that are both functional and pleasing to the senses.

These closures will continue to play a pivotal role in the packaging landscape, as their ability to preserve products and elevate brand identity makes them a timeless choice. As technology and consumer preferences evolve, CANPACK will undoubtedly evolve alongside it, and continue to create innovative closures that enhance packaging and captivate consumers around the world.

When it comes to packaging, small details truly matter. Whether it’s preserving the freshness of beer, enhancing brand identity through embossing, or exploring the nearly endless possibilities of special effects, these factors can have a significant impact on how a product is perceived. CANPACK is a partner that can help your brand make a lasting impression. Embrace the power of metal closures and take your packaging to new heights today!