It’s more than a can. It’s the amazing experience you create for your consumers and fans.



Permanent material that’s infinitely recyclable with no loss of quality.


Nearly 100% of the surface is printable to present your brand story.


Prevents air and light from entering, keeping your drink tasty and fresh for longer.


Light and convenient on the go, saving raw material and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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An elongated shape perfect for a premium brand experience.
Dia: 202
15cl, 18.5cl, 20cl, 24cl, 25cl


With its medium diameter, is Fit just right for your brand?
Dia: 204
20cl, 26.9cl, 30cl, 33cl, 35.5cl

Long fit

Stand tall and stand out on the shelves.
Dia: 209


Put a unique twist on an iconic original.
Dia: 211
30cl, 33cl, 35cl, 35.5cl, 44cl, 47cl, 50cl, 55cl, 56.8cl


Choose the tab shape

With a range of classic shapes and promotional options, shape the experience of opening that tab.

Pick the opening style

Standard opening or pull-off, create a can end that’s right for your requirements.

Select the opening size

Select the size of the opening on your can. Choose the standard or make it wider.


Feel amazed. Feel goosebumps. However you want your consumers to feel, create that feeling with textured finishes, personalized printing, and awesome inks or lacquers

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Aluminum beverage packaging advantages

The use of aluminum beverage packaging enables a number of benefits for manufacturers, consumers and society. Aluminum is extremely lightweight, decreasing energy use in transport and enhancing portability, while still being durable enough to avoid compromises in safety or performance.

Aluminum is hygienic, non-toxic and corrosion-resistant and provides total protection from light, oxygen, ultraviolet rays and anything else that could alter the flavor experience intended by the manufacturer.

Something for every practical and stylistic consideration

Our range of available shapes and sizes can accommodate various serving sizes for different market segments and provide opportunities for creative expression as well.

We offer a variety of different size options to fit local market standards and shapes for brands looking to stand out from competitors or simply create a signature profile. When it comes to beverage packaging, there is no “one size fits all” and we provide all the options needed to make sure brands can comply with price point considerations, regulatory obligations and more.

Wide packaging customization options

Beverage packaging serves more than a practical function, it’s another customer touchpoint and an opportunity to reinforce your branding. They have a large, printable surface area that serves as a canvas for creative brand messaging that can captivate, intrigue, amuse and impress. Modern technologies allow for the faithful reproduction of any design, no matter how intricate, subtle or detailed it might be.

Aluminum beverage cans can feature a number of finishes and effects that get attention, impress customers and boost the brand experience – your aluminum beverage package can do the talking with a wide range of intense colors, textured finishes and eye-catching effects.

Aluminum beverage containers let you begin the customer experience before your product is even opened. See what other brands have done to stand out in our case study section.

Universal packaging solution for every market

The practical advantages and graphic potential of aluminum beverage packaging make it the ideal delivery medium for a range of beverages, spanning every market segment in the industry.

From familiar soda, beer and energy drink products to premium coffee, juice and tea experiences to strong emerging niches like canned wine, champagne and spirits, aluminum packaging is infinitely adaptable and an ideal, recognizable way to get into the hands of consumers.

Recyclable and lightweight solution

Recyclable aluminum cans are a key component of sustainable growth and responsible resource management. We actively promote the use of recycled materials. A growing segment of consumers supports the use of recyclable aluminum cans. We can help you to meet their expectations and your own goals for sustainable growth.

Lightweight and durable, aluminum is both infinitely recyclable and able to satisfy every performance metric important to the storage and transport of beverages. Aluminum is absolutely central to the packaging industry’s commitment to more circular, sustainable economies.