What’s in a container? It’s more than the product.
It’s the story of your brand – how it looks and how it feels.



Strong and durable material that’s infinitely recyclable with no loss of quality.


100% light-proof providing the best protection for the freshness of your product.


Cylindrical shapes make the containers easy to transport and great for storage.


Lighter and more formable than ever, saving raw material and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.



Food cans

Whether you’re packaging dry or wet products such as roasted nuts, sweets or pate, meat or tomato pasta, discover the options. Create 3-piece ultra-thin cans from strong & durable steel. With or without lithography.

Beaded food cans

Perfect for fruit, veg, meat, fish, ready-to-eat meals, soups, purees, and products for animals. The finishing coat is adjusted to the specificity of your product inside. Made for for pasteurization, with or without lithography.

Aerosol containers

Straight-wall or necked-in containers in a range of volumes. We’ll help you find the right aerosol solutions for your product. With or without lithography.


Which lid works best for your brand or product? Create standard and easy-open can lids, as well as lids with or without multi-colored lithographs.


This is where the possibilities for sizes, dimensions and ideas really become endless. Collaborate with our team on something new and bespoke – make your vision happen.

Create that feeling or experience with a choice of multisensory special effects, from textures to glitters and inks. Open the possibilities.

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We’re here to support you in your vision, so if you’ve got any questions or a special idea, contact us and let’s start creating.

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The advantages of steel food & industrial packaging

Steel containers offer a number of benefits from factory to store shelf, from protecting the product to facilitating display to promoting sustainability.

Steel is infinitely recyclable with no loss in quality and also light-proof, ensuring the preservation of the product’s freshness. Food, chemical and aerosol steel cans are both lightweight and stackable, which means easier transport and product display and fewer resources required for both.

Steel packaging for food, chemical and aerosol industries remain the default choice for so many market segments because of its perfect balance of characteristics that support the manufacturing and shipping processes, product distribution and display and end-consumer experience.

Can sizes and types to meet every need

Our welded food packaging offers capacities from 70ml to 5L for vegetables, fruit, preserved meat, ready meals and pet food as well as all kinds of dry products. Choose from five different diameters for easy product differentiation and from both standard and easy-open lids.

A wide range of general and aerosol packaging with diameters between 65 and 99 mm gives many opportunities to choose the optimal size of packaging.

Our range of sizes makes it easy to conform to local standards, customer expectations or price point considerations, as well as options that align with brand values or image.

Create just the right can for your needs

Influence purchasing decisions with increased packaging visibility and unique designs. Print on the entire surface of the can (sidewalls), top lid or bottom lid.

Print in six colors in high resolution using effects like gloss, matt, thermochromic inks, semi-matt, selective matt and other new techniques coming soon.

Lids can be customized to engage and create a premium feel. Promotional codes & designs can be printed or engraved on lids to support sales initiatives.

Options for every supermarket aisle

Our wide range of markets served includes meats, ready meals, the pet food market, fruits & vegetables and loose products, like peanuts. It also extends to non-edibles, like aerosols for paints, in the personal care and household segments, polyurethan foams for real estates, and general line of options for hardeners & thinners and putties and paints.

Given our size ranges and customization abilities, we are able to satisfy the needs of any product category in need of quality food and general line or aerosol packaging.

Metal food packaging is sustainable and infinitely recyclable

The metal used for food packaging is both ideal for its purpose in terms of strength and durability and a sustainable material that can be recycled with no loss in its properties. Steel food packaging is the ideal lightweight, safe and easily transported packaging medium.

The use of metal packaging makes the safe, hygienic and easy storage of food items without a cold chain possible, delivering energy savings, a smaller carbon footprint and lower overall environmental impact.