Effects that leap out from the container. Transform the way consumers feel about your brand and push the boundaries of what your packaging can do.


Use gloss effects across the whole of the can for a container that catches the light.


The matt effect that adds texture and plays up the details of the visual – prints beautifully and creates a premium look.


A subtle matt – it’s got just the right balance to amp up the colors and play with texture too.


Create a premium mix of matt and gloss for a selectively reflective surface. Highlight the features of your design and be creative with light.


Make food cans and other containers shine (and even glitter). Echo the benefits of your product and make an impact with textured ink.

Anchor ID softtouch


An iridescent finish with a lustrous glow.


Shiny, fun, unique. Make a high-shine can or container.


Reflect trends and your brand story with a truly textured special effect.


The reflective edges and cool feel of ice captured. Bring your brand’s benefits to life through your container.

Anchor ID tactile


A tactile textured effect to make your brand feel premium and stand out.


Inspire awe with every part of your food can, from tabs to inside the lid. The perfect way to create promotional experiences that feel extraordinary.


Magic numbers. Add interest with a code that improves engagement.


Tempt them to open the lid. Print on the lid or inside the lid, and make the moment engaging or memorable.


Why not create it? There are so many more possibilities and bespoke options we can make for you.

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