CANPACK Receives Prestigious Gold Leaf in Annual CSR Awards 

Awards & Recognitions    |   July 10, 2023

KRAKÓW, POLAND (July 10, 2023) – CANPACK Group is delighted to announce that it has recently received a prestigious Gold Leaf accreditation for Corporate Social Responsibility from one of Poland’s best-selling weekly magazine, Polityka, in association with Deloitte and
The Responsible Business Forum

The Gold Leaf Award recognises outstanding leadership regarding environmental and social responsibility in corporate governance (ESG). CANPACK is among just 24 businesses to achieve the gold standard this year, alongside some of its investor banks and customers. 

According to The Responsible Business Forum: “Companies show environmental leadership by actively moving away from a linear model of take-make-waste consumption and production towards a more sustainable, circular economy, that will ensure a viable future for all.” 

Polityka’s Deloitte correspondents Aleksandra Kowalska-Labraiki and Olga Kowalska explain how: “We distinguished the ESG leaders with Gold Leaves for their consistent selection of sustainable development as a key element of business strategies and relations with stakeholders.” 

They also reveal that even stricter evaluation criteria were adopted this time, focusing on the added importance of regular reporting of sustainable development activities in non-financial or integrated reports that comply with international standards and are independently verified.

Irena Pichola, a partner at Deloitte and Leader of the Sustainable Development Team in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe, emphasises that Gold Leaf companies engage in much more than merely voluntary or ad hoc activities. “They implement measurable actions that bring about real, systemic, and lasting change for the climate and the environment,” she notes.

Polityka’s CSR Gold Leaf award confirms that CANPACK is going beyond the basics of taking responsible measures to protect the environment. 

“Sustainability is not an optional add-on to our business model,” explains John OMaoileoin, Group Sustainability Director. “It’s one of its core components. Managing our environmental impact is now built into the company at all levels.

“We’ll go on making bold changes based on a thorough understanding of the impact of our business activity on the environment. We promote positive attitudes to social and environmental care throughout our enterprise. We’ve also started conversations with all our stakeholders about these crucial issues, encouraging them to record reliable and transparent data. We’re proud of becoming a leader in shaping a sustainable future for our planet.

“With this award, CANPACK has again been recognised as a trailblazer in creating a new way of doing business that puts social care and the environment at the heart of what we do. “Of course, we are pleased to be among the top performing companies in our home market for this vitally important measure. But above all, we hope many more companies will join us on this shared journey toward a fully sustainable world economy. We’re all in this together.”