CANPACK Group Makes Bold Renewable Electricity Pledge for 2022

Sustainability    |   December 8, 2021

KRAKÓW, POLAND (December 8, 2021) CANPACK Group, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of sustainable packaging, is delighted to announce that starting in 2022 all of its plants across the globe will be powered using 100% renewable electricity where available, and where not available the company will purchase Energy Attribute Certificates or comparable certificates. In doing so, we believe that CANPACK becomes the first global can maker to make such a far-reaching commitment.

The company recently signed up to the Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi), where climate targets are only considered science-based if they’re in line with what’s needed to prevent the world’s climate from rising above 2°C against pre-industrial levels, and ideally for it not to rise more than 1.5°C. As a result, this latest announcement is a further commitment to CANPACK’s Sustainability Targets, which were announced back in January 2021.

“This latest announcement underlines our commitment to playing our part when it comes to tackling climate change. By investing in renewable electricity, we will not only significantly reduce our carbon footprint, but we will also help lead the way when it comes to sustainability,” said John O’Maoileoin, Group Sustainability Director at CANPACK. “The recent COP26 Summit in Glasgow, and growing consumer awareness of climate change, has shone a light on how we all must together act to protect our planet for the years to come. We can’t wait. We need to act now – that’s why the biggest immediate impact we can make is to only use renewable electricity in all our plants starting from 2022.”

CANPACK will achieve this with a mixture of on-site installations, as well as working with local electricity providers and purchase of Energy Attribute Certificates or comparable certificates. In addition to investing in renewable electricity, each plant has put in place environmental targets covering electricity, thermal energy, water and waste for 2025 and 2030.

“This news is a big step forward in delivering on CANPACK’s promises on sustainability,” said CANPACK CEO, Roberto Villaquiran. “Not only will our products be infinitely recycled, but our production process will be more environmentally friendly. As a company we are determined to help tackle the climate crisis.”

You can learn more about CANPACK’s commitment to sustainability, by reading its 2020 Sustainability Report.