CANPACK Continues Cooperation with Sports Academies

Sustainability    |   December 7, 2021

Kraków, Poland (December 7, 2021)CANPACK Group, one of the largest producers of metal packaging in the world, based in Kraków, as part of its global CSR strategy, decided to continue cooperation with three sports academies for children and youth operating in the region: the Wisła CANPACK Basketball Academy, the Cracovia CANPACK Hockey Academy based in Krakow and the CANPACK Okocimski Football Academy from Brzesko.

CANPACK has been actively involved in local initiatives for many years, the aim of which is to discover the potential and individual talents, especially among children and adolescents. The company supports sports initiatives by contributing to the promotion of physical activity, the development of healthy habits among the youth, as well as team play and competition skills.

“Cooperating with sports academies is an extremely important project for us, which is part of CANPACK’s global strategy of sustainable development. For years, we have been supporting the development of young talents, helping them to pursue their passions and develop their sports potential”, says Małgorzata Podrecka, Vice President at CANPACK, and adds, “We are extremely pleased with the sporting achievements of the children and youth training at the academies. We realise that this is due to the hard work of the coaches, as well as the determination of the young athletes themselves. Therefore, taking into account the need for a long-term development strategy and the continuity of training plans and program, we decided to extend our cooperation with the academies.”

This 2021/2022 season CANPACK is supporting 12 academy centers (based in Krakow, Brzesko, Myślenice, Mokrzyska and Kamień) where about 700 talented boys and girls train. The children are under the comprehensive care of experienced trainers in various disciplines. In total, the coaching staff consists of over 40 people. Dieticians, sports psychologists, as well as mental coaches and motor development specialists cooperating with the academies also provide great support to the young athletes.