A Fusion of Alcohol-Free Beer and Energy Drink Has Hit the Market in Standout CANPACK Cans

Commercial    |   September 15, 2023

KRAKÓW, POLAND (September 15, 2023) – Polish brewer Warka has collaborated with CANPACK to launch a completely novel alcohol-free canned beverage. Warka Energy 0.0% is a new subbrand that combines non-alcoholic beer with lemonade, natural caffeine, and ginseng extract.

Market researchers Market Data Forecast project that alcohol-free products will be an increasing proportion of the global non-alcoholic beverage market in the future. Warka, one of Grupa Żywiec (Heineken Group) brands has always been ahead of the curve in terms of consumer trends and preferences. They were first to introduce canned Radlers into Poland in 2012, then non-alcoholic versions two years later. They were also the first beer brand to enter the world of gaming. The Warka Planet of Gamers with its Planet of Gamers Cup tournament, plus a dedicated lottery, is already a hit with gaming fans.

This year, in response to the growing popularity of energy drinks and non-alcoholic beers among young adults, Warka has taken things to the next level with their unique mash-up of the two. According to the brand, Energy 0.0% is being marketed as ideal for staying fresh and focused during the long hours of gaming with friends.

Marcin Filipiak, Marketing Director for Warka reports: “The product has received great reviews from consumer surveys and we are convinced that this is the start of a completely new beverage category.”

Warka Energy 0.0%, now in a range of mixed fruit flavours, is available in 500 ml cans produced by CANPACK and designed by Global Shopper Marketing Sp. z o.o. Their punchy, colourful designs are enhanced with CANPACK’s special matt varnish. This signature effect creates that feeling of velvety softness under the fingertips. This extra-smooth touch makes the cans standout on the shelves and in hand.

Stephen McAneny, Chief Commercial Officer at CANPACK adds: “We are delighted that thanks to our long-standing relationship with Grupa Żywiec we could be part of bringing this novelty to the beverage market . As always, we are proud to be at the cutting edge of both technical and print innovation.”