Teamwork and Endurance at the KošiceInternational Peace Run

October 23, 2023

KRAKÓW, POLAND (October 23, 2023) – ‘Life is a marathon, not a sprint’, as the saying goes. It’s not just about quick fixes and short-term gains, but pacing yourself and pushing through the challenges to get the job done.

A group of CANPACK employees recently showed the world how they embody this spirit of true grit and endurance. Teams from CANPACK Food & Industrial (FIP) and CANPACK Metal Closures joined forces to take part in the International Peace Run in Košice, Slovakia.

The Košice Marathon is the oldest modern marathon in Europe and the third oldest in the world.
It is the only open marathon to have maintained the official Olympic distance of 42.185 km (26.2 miles) right from the start.

Held on the first Sunday in October since 1924, this year’s 100th anniversary race attracted 4,515 runners from all over the world, including some well-known professional cross-country stars.

The runners from CANPACK produced outstanding results with impressive teamwork and individual performances. The CANPACK teams finished 7th and 26th out of 600 squads, slashing their times from last year by a full 49 minutes.

One CANPACK team member summed what it was like to be part of the action and stay the course to the end:

“This was my sixth marathon here in Košice, and taking part was still a massive challenge for me. There’s no doubt that it’s a world class sporting event. Every year the organisation is impeccable, the atmosphere is unique and the camaraderie indescribable.”

“If you’ve never tried it, you’re missing out on a great experience. You test your physical possibilities to the limit, often hitting rock bottom in your strength, and then you cross the finishing line exhausted but happy because you made it.”

In the words of the Košice Marathon slogan: ‘Try it once, you’ll love it for ever’. Congratulations to everyone who took part on this exceptional achievement. Way to go, Team CANPACK!