CANPACK’s Tactile Effect Helps Saku Drinkers Keep Cool

Commercial    |   September 9, 2022

KRAKÓW, POLAND (September 9, 2022) – Saku Brewery has entrusted global can manufacturing leader CANPACK Group, to help shine on the shelf its ’Saku on Ice’, a non-alcoholic canned beverage, which is set to take advantage of an exciting trend in the beverage industry.

Having launched the first ice beer back in Estonia in 1999, Saku has seen first-hand the changing consumption habits of consumers and the shift towards drinks choices based on moderation.

Coupled with the growth of the health and wellness market, the Estonian brewer, who is part of the Carlsberg Group, first introduced ‘Saku on Ice Non-Alcoholic Radler’ – a range of fruit-flavoured non-alcoholic radlers – onto the market in 2018. Recently, Saku on Ice has been given a makeover, to exploit the burgeoning trend of premiumisation and shelf appeal.

“Most of Europe has experienced a heatwave this summer, and with the prospect of continually warmer summer periods, taking refuge from the heat and being hydrated and refreshed has never been so important,” commented a spokesperson from Saku Brewery.

“The aroma and the taste of the liquid have hoppy notes of beer mixed with flavours of fruits and berries. Liquids are easily drinkable, pleasantly cooling, juicy and especially refreshing in the summer.”

To ensure Saku on Ice has a premium look, CANPACK was entrusted with the can designs to utilise its effects, to provide real touch and feel experience to consumers.

The can designs take advantage of printing on aluminium, which showcase the ‘iciness’ of the product. CANPACK’s innovative Tactile Effect gives the cans a unique touch and appeals to consumer senses, which brings the ingredients to life according to the spokesperson from Saku Brewery:

“This can design expresses exactly the right nature of the product. With CANPACK’s Tactile Effect on the can, it’s possible to see and feel the iciness and freshness of the liquid.”

Stephen McAneny, Chief Commercial Officer at CANPACK, added: “Non-alcoholic Saku on Ice is a perfect choice for refreshment during hot summer days. With an aluminium can’s ability to cool quickly, there’s no better way to create the feeling of refreshment, than with an ice-cold beverage can.

“Our Tactile Effect emphasises the premium look for these cans and appeals to the consumer’s senses when needing to reach for that ultimate icy beverage to keep cool.”