Commercial    |   January 23, 2020

KRAKOW, POLAND (January 23, 2020) – CANPACK, one of the largest manufacturers of metal packaging in the world, is employing its QUADROMIX technology to work with brands across the globe to celebrate their special moments. Recently, the world-famous Bavaria beer partnered with CANPACK to print three limited-edition cans that marked the company’s 300th Anniversary. CANPACK’s QUADROMIX technology enables brands like Bavaria to print, in one production series, up to four different designs.

“CANPACK is proud to work with companies around the globe to celebrate their special moments with unique, limited-edition cans,” said Stephen McAneny, CCO of the CANPACK Group. “Our QUADROMIX technology is the perfect solution for brands to tell their stories through their products’ packaging. Recently, Bavaria beer partnered with us to celebrate the brand’s 300th Anniversary, and through our QUADROMIX technology, Bavaria could honor its remarkable history and connection with the Netherlands with three limited-edition cans. As brands seek to mark milestones and important product releases, we look forward to working with them and utilizing our QUADROMIX technology to provide multiple eye-catching designs in one production batch.”

“When we marked our 300th Anniversary, we decided to use our packaging, which is our  first physical point of contact with our consumers, as impactful brand’s storytelling tool. With this Limited Edition we wanted to enhance consumer engagement and celebrate our great milestone,” said Roberta Gambino Head of Marketing Italy of Swinkels Family Brewers (Bavaria). “CANPACK’s QUADROMIX technology ensured that we could bring a number of different anniversary cans’ designs to store shelves in the same production batch, which would be more eye-catching for the consumers and help build excitement for this historic moment.”