CANPACK Group to Invest BRL 710 million (USD 140 million) in Greenfield Aluminum Beverage Can Plant in Poços de Caldas, Brazil

Business Update    |   July 27, 2022

KRAKOW, POLAND (July 27, 2022) – CANPACK S.A., part of the CANPACK Group, and a global leading manufacturer of sustainable packaging announced today it will increase its manufacturing capacity of aluminum beverage cans with a new production facility in Poços de Caldas, in the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Officials from CANPACK along with state and local officials and economic development leaders jointly announced the new facility following the approval of the project earlier today, with economic development incentives provided by both the state and local governments.

With a total investment of approximately BRL 710 million (USD 140 million), this new facility represents CANPACK’s continued commitment to developing the Brazilian packaging sector. The announcement of this new plant takes place only a few months after the company committed to investing BRL 360 million (USD 70 million) in an aluminum beverage can ends production facility in Manaus (Amazonas). The total value of both investments exceeds BRL 1 billion.

Construction of the facility in Poços de Caldas is expected to begin in the last quarter of 2022, and the plant operation is slated to commence in the first quarter of 2024. The installed initial total capacity of the new plant will be approximately 1.3 billion cans per year, and its volumes will be geared towards meeting the demand of Brazilian customers. It is expected that the new production plant will bring around 140 high-qualified direct jobs to Poços de Caldas region.

“We are dedicated to the Brazilian packaging industry and have been strengthening our presence in this dynamic market since the acquisition of Cia Metalic in December 2016,” says Andre Balbi, Group Chief Operations Officer. “This new investment, together with our other, up-to-date investments in Brazil, will give us a better position to serve our customers’ growing needs for beverage cans and ends not only in Brazil, but in the South American region,” adds Balbi.

“We are excited and proud to bring to the region the state-of-the-art greenfield manufacturing facility producing aluminum beverage cans, an infinitely recyclable packaging. We chose to expand in Poços de Caldas because of its strong economy and very business-friendly environment. We thank the city authorities, especially Mr. Sérgio Azevedo, Mayor of Poços de Caldas, and Thiago Mariano, Secretary of Economic Development, for the warm welcome and are looking forward to becoming an integral part of the local community,” says Paulo Dias, General Director, CANPACK Brazil.

According to Sergio Azevedo, Mayor of the City of Poços de Caldas, “We are very happy and honored to welcome CANPACK to our city, one of the largest companies in the world in its segment. A perfect blend of a global company, committed to high ethical and sustainability values ​​and a city that offers infrastructure and quality of life. Poços de Caldas celebrates its 150th anniversary in November, and the arrival of CANPACK is a great gift for our population. Welcome CANPACK!”

Fernando Passalio, Minas Gerais State Secretary of Economic Develpment, says “Packaging is one of the five sectors with most investments attracted to our state, from 2019 to date. This is because we have also attracted several beverage companies to Minas Gerais. This kind of investment moves the entire production chain and contributes to the jobs generation within the state”.

According to ABRALATAS, the Brazilian beverage market is the 3rd largest aluminium beverage can market in the world, reaching 33.4 billion can sales in 2021, a 5.2% growth when compared to 2020, with a recycling rate of 98.7%, one of the highest in the world.