CANPACK cans for São GERALDO CAPTURE THE feeling of BRAZIL’S colourful June Festivals

Commercial    |   July 3, 2024

KRAKÓW, POLAND (July 3, 2024) – June is party time all over Brazil with a month full of festivals. Especially associated with the Northeast, these summer celebrations blended native harvest traditions and popular religious holidays, with the high point falling on the eve of St. John’s Day (São João, 24th June).

A few months ago, Brazil’s Cajuina São Geraldo beverage company worked with CANPACK to put its flagship, cashews soda São Geraldo drink, flavoured with 5% cashew fruit juice, into 350ml cans for the first time. Based in the northeastern state of Ceará, the company’s aim was to bring this memorable taste of the region to consumers across the country.

São Geraldo has now partnered once again with CANPACK Brazil on a limited edition of nine São Geraldo cans to mark this year’s June Festivals and the exuberant night of São João. The cans feature specially commissioned graphics representing artists, characters, architecture and symbols from the nine northeastern states of Brazil, illustrating the rich cultural diversity of the region.

Each can carries the name of one of the nine northeastern states. The cheerful designs reflect the upbeat atmosphere of Brazil’s June festivities, while the slogan “No São João, a gente veste Nordeste“ (“On St. John’s Eve, everybody wears the Northeast”), highlights the special character and traditions of the Northeast.
Marketing Manager at São Geraldo, Tiago Caldas states: “On this special occasion, we literally dressed the Northeast. Our cans really fit in with the traditions of the festival.”

The cans and the campaign tap into a growing trend for localism. Consumers increasingly value their own regional traditions and products which they can relate to more closely. Limited editions of collectible packaging also engage consumers’ imaginations, inviting them to buy more as they feel involved and invested in the brand.

“Limited editions tied to festivals and events help strengthening bonds with consumers,” confirms Victor Da Silva Leal, Account Executive at CANPACK. “These cans promote local identities with their own unique flavour and character. It shows how, in the right hands, beverage cans are integral to various aspects of modern life, from ensuring product safety and sustainability to providing a canvas for marketing and cultural expression.”