Small change can make a big difference

Change for Change (CFC) has developed a new way to collect donations on behalf of charities and worthy causes. See how CANPACK Romania helped the non-profit take this initiative to the next level.

In 2015, a Romanian man named Mihai Dinita had an idea – using empty soda cans to collect money for charity.

The concept was simple – he would distribute cans to people he knew and ask them to collect money as they would in a piggy bank. When the cans were full, he would then deliver the money to charitable organisations in the local area.

This initial idea soon became a reality and in time led to the formation of a Change for Change (CFC) initiative.

Since 2019, CANPACK Romania has partnered with Mihai and CFC to scale the initiative and transform its potential. This is the story of this partnership.

CANPACK Romania x Change for Change: Feel the difference

In the early days of CFC, Mihai and his team did everything themselves – collecting, labelling and distributing the cans; as well as taking money to the bank and transferring it to local charities. They coordinated their efforts via a Facebook group.

“We started because it was fun and we could do something nice for someone in need,” Mihai explains.

It wasn’t until Mihai joined forces with CANPACK Romania that the initiative took on a whole new dimension.

The relationship started in 2019, when Mihai met Adina Magsi, who was working at Alucro, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) established by CANPACK Romania and the European Aluminium Association in 2010. She explains:

“Mihai and I met at one of my colleague’s recommendations. He knew that my colleague worked for CANPACK Romania and wanted to create a connection and see if we could produce cans for this project. Right away, we embraced the idea and with the support of our General Manager, we started to produce the cans.”

Mihai no longer had to purchase and brand the cans himself. And thanks to CANPACK’s resources and infrastructure, CFC was able to scale its operations significantly. This in turn has led to a significant leap in donations, allowing CFC to do bigger and better things. The Orphans’ House from Campina is a case in point.

Helping orphans Feel Cared for

Orphanhood has been a common problem in Romania since the 1980s, due to a combination of socio-political factors, including the Socialist Republic of Romania’s pro-natalist policy and a prolonged period of austerity.

Although the situation has improved over the last few decades, there’s plenty to be done to ensure the country’s orphans receive the care and support they need. Often this work falls to charities and NGOs or individuals running community projects.

The Orphans’ House from Campina is one such initiative. It was built to serve orphans who have nowhere else to go. It provides a safe living space where they can be nurtured and educated by maternal assistants.

This house wouldn’t exist without the partnership between CANPACK Romania and Change for Change. Its construction was funded by donations generated from CFC action, the resources of the CFC NGO and a direct donation from CANPACK Romania itself.

Launched in November 2021, the house had an immediate impact on the community. As of December 2021, 12 children have benefited from the facilities and services provided.

Small change. Big difference.

Change For Change may have started as one man’s passion project but it’s evolved into a movement.

Now, we’re starting to see the end product of all of this hard work – brick and mortar facilities that help those in need.

This partnership is just one of the many ways we’re delivering on our commitment to making a difference in society and creating a feeling of belonging in communities across the globe. You can learn more about our efforts here.