Feel the Energy, Join the Team, Learn and Grow Together!

See how ice hockey is putting smiles on children’s faces as they grow in confidence and character as well as health and fitness at the Cracovia CANPACK Hockey Academy.

“Ice hockey is really cool.”

That’s how one boy describes his experience of playing at The Cracovia CANPACK Hockey Academy in Krakow, Poland, sponsored by CANPACK.

Helping young people develop their full potential is a vital part of CANPACK’s global CSR commitment. Our sports sponsorship schemes are currently changing the lives of over 700 kids with guidance from 45 sporting professionals.

Personal growth through sporting commitment

The Cracovia CANPACK Hockey Academy over 140 players, boys and girls from 5-15 in five age groups, and 8 professionally certified coaches. This level of interest, despite the demanding commitment and disciplines involved, clearly proves the need for such schemes.

In fact, the children and teenagers are positively attracted to the challenge. It’s not just the thrill of the game that’s winning youngsters’ hearts. The friendships, teamwork and pride in their achievements, on and off the ice, become an antidote to the grayness of modern life. Structured training teaches personal discipline and important life skills as well as boosting stamina and mental well-being. The children are also encouraged to make deeper commitments to their own communities.

Celebrating the highs, learning from the lows

Parents are just as enthusiastic as they watch their children grow in character, self-respect and perseverance as well as having fun.

“He’s happy when he scores,” says one of the regular hockey mums, “but he also learns to be humble when he loses and that’s a great lesson.”

“It’s their passion,” another mother adds, “They live and breathe the game and do everything to attend training sessions. And so do the parents.”

The power of sponsorship: create that feeling!

The Academy has achieved sporting victories at local, regional and national level. A number of players have gone on to be signed by the provincial team, and three Cracovia alumni have been chosen for the Polish national squad.

All of this is thanks to the availability of proper facilities, equipment and qualified staff with professional experience provided by CANAPCK’s sponsorship.

“CANPACK’s support is priceless for us,” according to Piotr Ślusarek, one of the Academy’s eight dedicated coaches. “It allows us to focus solely on our youth training and education.”

The benefits of the project stretch beyond the boundaries of the ice rink. After season camps are organised with awards for the best players in each age group, while coaches are offered further training by the Polish Ice Hockey Federation.

Older players can take coaching and referee courses, practicing what they learn during club training matches. The young people can also get involved with promoting ice hockey across the city of Krakow.

The children are our future

With ongoing help from CANPACK, The Academy is putting in place has some ambitious plans for the future. The goal is to make every aspect of the club even more effective for the young people. 

Małgorzata Podrecka, Vice President at CANPACK says “It is amazing that we, adults can learn a lot from children. When you listen to carefully, what they say, you may be surprised and have your own reflections. Like one boy saying that the goalkeeper has to have an oasis of peace in his head or the other one concluding that you need to learn loosing, but you also need to learn winning and coping with it.

Together, we are making a difference in their lives so they can make a difference to their world. At the end of the day, what makes it all worthwhile is seeing the smiles on the faces of these healthy, hopeful and happy children.”