The CANPACK Scholarship Program gives students the opportunity to study abroad, experience new cultures and learn invaluable skills.

Studying abroad can be a transformative experience. But for most young people, this goal remains a dream, either because it’s too expensive, or for a number of other personal reasons.

CANPACK’s educational exchange program helps make this dream come true. Working in collaboration with Jagiellonian University in Krakow and the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy in Kyiv, the business provides grants for students looking to study law in either Poland or Ukraine.

Two universities. One goal.

The scholarship was established in 2006 as a means of forging a connection between the two universities and strengthening Ukrainian-Polish relations.

Each year, four students—are given the opportunity to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree either in Kyiv or Krakow, with CANPACK covering their living expenses for one year.

Students are chosen based on a short interview where they’re asked to explain their reasons for wanting to study abroad. While applicants need a rudimentary understanding of either Polish or Ukrainian, more importantly, they must display passion and motivation.

Dr hab. Małgorzata Podrecka, VP CANPACK SA., who helped establish the scholarship, explains:

“We’re looking for students with drive and a sense of adventure. These are the individuals who get the most from the experience and go on to have successful careers.”

Feeling the benefits

The benefits of the scholarship are many and varied. Students experience a new culture, make new friends, build their self-confidence, and become more independent.

And these experiences can have a profound impact. Kateryna, a former student explains:

“I believe that an international educational exchange is a life-changing opportunity. It deepens your knowledge and expertise, and helps you build academic and professional contacts. It also shapes you as a person. When you live, study, or simply share your daily routine with people from other countries, you learn from them.”

Participants learn practical skills that can be applied long after the course is finished. Another student, Karol, explains:

“Thanks to the program, I spent a great year in Kiev. I learnt two languages (Ukrainian and Russian). I discovered a new culture and way of studying law.”

And this education can be the foundation of a successful career. Karol continues:

“After I left the university, I studied German and English law too. I started my career in one of the biggest Polish law firms in Warsaw. Thereafter, I worked at one of the biggest manufacturers of roof windows in the world. Now, I work at one of the biggest oil companies.”

16 years. 65 students. 1 successful program.

Sixteen years since its inception, the scholarship is still running, despite the pandemic and political upheaval. 65 students have completed the program and have gone on to great success. Alumni include two vice ministers and five PhDs. Meanwhile, dozens of postgrads have pursued careers in international organisations, NGOs, business, universities and public administration.

Dr hab. Małgorzata Podrecka, VP CANPACK SA., had this to say:

“We’re pleased to be a partner in this program and believe it is a great opportunity to support education. Education is very important as it broadens people’s horizons and expands their minds. Students learn that there’s a world of opportunity out there just waiting to be seized.”

CANPACK’s commitment to education

The CANPACK scholarship program is just one example of CANPACK’s commitment to education.

You can learn more about this mission here.

This partnership is just one of the many ways we’re delivering on our commitment to making a difference in society and creating a feeling of belonging in communities across the globe. You can learn more about our efforts here.