Danish brewer Harboe is bringing its seasonal Easter Beer to market in special edition cans produced with CANPACK’s advanced Duomix printing technology

Commercial    |   April 4, 2023

KRAKÓW, POLAND (April 4, 2023) – With the coming of spring, Danish brewer Harboe is bringing its seasonal Easter Beer to market in special-edition cans produced with one of CANPACK’s advanced printing technologies.

Brewing beer for seasonal festivals is a popular tradition throughout Scandinavia. “Easter Beer” (Påskeøl) is the original Danish seasonal brew that helps consumers to celebrate this time of year.

Harboe describes its 5.7% Easter beer (Påskebryg) as a “delicious and golden beer with a nice foam head. The taste is characterised by dark malts and a delicate taste of hops. The smooth taste with light bitterness and sweetness makes Harboe Easter Beer something quite special”.

The subtly metallic stripes of yellow and green on Harboe’s Easter Beer cans evoke the sunshine and new leaves of springtime. At its simplest, the elegant, minimalist design expresses the joy and freshness of this happy season.

The Danish brewer says that each one of their brands “tells a story about our history, traditions, and Danish origins”. Producing sets of special-edition can is an ideal way to promote such storytelling. They appeal to the imagination, as well as to the senses. They also allow brands to engage more closely with consumers by creating a shared experience that enhances belonging and community on special occasions.

“It was natural for Harboe to work with CANPACK for this project as we share a creative vision on can design,” explains Marketing Director Ninalouise Rasmussen. “Our two companies have built a solid partnership over several years and CANPACK’s innovative production technologies also played a key role in bringing our seasonal can design to life,” adds Kresten Piper, Procurement Director at Harboe.

Harboe claims its’ new Easter beer design as “Easter decorations to indulge”, referring also indirectly to the tradition of Easter eggs which are both decorative and tasty. The eye-catching decoration on these cans is delivered in two complementary colourways that alternate the green and yellow design elements inspired from Easter egg decorations. Each pack of cans comes with mixed colour pairs, further enhancing the celebratory feel of a table decoration at Easter.

“This is accomplished using CANPACK’s unique Duomix can printing technique, which enables two different designs to be printed and packaged together in one production batch,” explains Stephen McAneny, Group Commercial Officer at CANPACK. “Harboe’s refreshing Easter Beer will certainly whet the appetite of consumers and limited-edition collectors alike,” adds McAneny.

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