CANPACK’s Printing Technology Creates New Opportunities for Teatulia Organic Teas

Commercial    |   August 2, 2023

KRAKÓW, POLAND (August 2, 2023) –Teatulia Organic Teas has sought out the infinitely recyclable aluminium can as the perfect partner to showcase its message of regenerative farming.

As a purveyor of premium organic teas, Teatulia has fused 100% organic, Bangledeshi-grown tea in a contemporary iced tea arrangement packaged in ready-to-drink (RTD) aluminium cans. 

As a company, their focus is more than just tea. With a product that fuses its commitment to regenerative farming with a great-tasting product, the infinitely recyclable aluminium can is the perfect partner to showcase this authentic message.

Trusting CANPACK to produce its refreshed can designs reflecting the brand’s proud community standing, Teatulia was able to take advantage of CANPACK’s printing capabilities. This included its 8-colour can decorator in the company’s new beverage can facility in Olyphant, US. With 6-colour being the industry standard in the beverage can market, the new 8-colour decorator has been instrumental in allowing the brand to showcase its range of cold brew iced tea flavours, including white peach, watermelon black and wild berry oolong. 

As well as the stunning decorating potential that Teatulia has utilised, the company was also able to commercialise its classic iced tea without worrying about minimum order volumes that so often constrain businesses in this sphere. This has been thanks to CANPACK’s partnership with full-service packaging company Gamer Packaging Inc. Paula Gamer, Gamer Packaging CEO takes up the story:

“Our partnership with CANPACK has helped opening up packaging opportunities for companies such as Teatulia. Our services range from initial packaging design and sourcing to delivery at customers’ manufacturing and co-packing facilities — covering all supply chain needs.”

Tim Bradley, Chief Executive Officer of Teatulia adds: “Our partnership with CANPACK and Gamer allows us to showcase our ethically sourced and innovative iced tea in a refreshing new concept, without having to worry about fulfilling minimum order requirements, which is so often a barrier to market.”

Stephen McAneny, Group Commercial Officer at CANPACK comments: “With Teatulia making use of consumer’s increasing lust for authentic products using natural ingredients, this iced tea cold brew canned drink is set to have shelf appeal. CANPACK’s 355ml fit can guarantees Teatulia can create that authentic feeling its customers will love even before the first sip they take.”

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