Sustainability    |   January 1, 2020

KRAKOW, POLAND (January 1, 2020) – CANPACK, one of the largest manufacturers of metal packaging in the world, announced today that it is launching a new sustainability policy aligning its business strategy with the global sustainability agenda. The new policy is based on three pillars – Care, Sustain, and Recycle – that provide a clear framework for the company’s goals and reflect the expectations of key stakeholders.

“By thinking and acting sustainably, we recognize our responsibility as an employer, a packaging manufacturer, a community member and a business partner. Therefore, beyond compliance with all laws and regulations, we will expand our efforts to sustainable future, both within our own operations at CANPACK and through engagement with external stakeholders.” said Roberto Villaquirán, CEO of CANPACK Group.

The three pillars of CANPACK’s new sustainability policy are:

  • CARE: We recognize our responsibility towards employees and communities;
  • SUSTAIN: We recognize our responsibility towards the environment; and
  • RECYLCE: We recognize our responsibility towards implementation of the circular economy.

As part of its new policy, CANPACK recognizes that its commitment to sustainability is core to its business strategy and corporate culture. As a result, the company is implementing several changes, including the development of a Sustainability Committee consisting of top management that will meet at least once each quarter to ensure proper implementation of the policy.

For more information on CANPACK’s new sustainability policy, click here.