Business Update    |   October 31, 2018

Krakow, Poland (October 31, 2018) – CANPACK Group, a global manufacturer of aluminum beverage cans, packaging solutions for the food and chemical industries, as well as glass bottles and metal closures, is strengthening its global footprint with the opening of new investments. Within one week, the Group inaugurated a greenfield beverage aluminum can facility in Nuh, India (October 26th) and a second production line in Bucharest (Romania) unit (October 30th).

In recent years CANPACK Group has strengthened its performance and market position worldwide. Following the increased demand for aluminum beverage packaging, a recyclable, sustainable and convenient form of packaging, and triggered by forecasts that indicate a significant potential for growth within India and Romania, we have decided to expand the business in these countries to further meet our customers’ needs. Both investments add not only production capacity but also reinforce our leadership in the beverage packaging industry in Europe and Asia. The decision to invest was taken after extensive studies, focusing on sustainable development of our business in the long term.  – said Herman Nicolaas Nusmeier, President of the Management Board of CANPACK.

CANPACK Group has invested nearly 120 mln Euro in the construction of both new operations expanding its production capacity and offering a range of environmental friendly, recyclable, safe and high-quality can packaging solutions. New investments will also significantly influence the employment base offering direct jobs to over 240 employees in both locations.  

In recent years, our customers’ growing trust and product needs have enhanced the CANPACK Group’s investment plans and resulted in more projects. For the last three years, we have been launching two factories every year. Currently, the CANPACK Group has manufacturing operations in 18 countries, and sells products in total to over 100 countries.

CANPACK demonstrates its commitment to sustainability by focusing on solutions to reduce its operations’ impact on the environment and the communities where it operates. The CANPACK Romania facility in Bucharest as well as a new CANPACK India unit are committed to further strengthening their respective positives impacts on the communities where they operate, with special focus and attention to recycling and with the goal of conserving water, energy and raw materials.