CANPACK Feeling Proud as Customers Win at World Beverage Awards

Awards & Recognitions    |   September 15, 2021

KRAKÓW, POLAND (September 15, 2021) CANPACK customers were front and centre at this year’s World Beverage Innovation Awards by FoodBev Media. Best Can was awarded to Royal Swinkels Family Brewers and their 8.6 brand for their unique ‘tattoo art’ can series. Kompania Piwowarska and its ZUBR brand were successful in two categories – Best CSR or Sustainability Initiative and Best Marketing Campaign for their ‘endangered species’ cans. 

“The World Beverage Innovation Awards are one of the most established and respected awards in the drinks industry today. Being recognized is an incredible honor and we believe the teams behind the 8.6 and ZUBR brands are thrilled by their wins. For CANPACK, the awards are a testament to the vast potential of packaging – its ability to tell stories, create feelings and spark emotions that can strengthen a brand.” Stephen McAneny, Chief Commercial Officer, CANPACK.

“The team at 8.6 and Royal Swinkels Family Brewers are absolutely delighted with this win. It was a collaborative process, and working with CANPACK meant we had the technical capabilities we needed to bring our vision for this series to life.” Matthieu Ribeyron, Global Marketing Manager, Royal Swinkels Family Brewers. 

“We’ve been immensely proud of the ZUBR beer ‘endangered species’ series since it was launched. That said, it’s particularly satisfying to be recognized by the World Beverage Innovation Awards. We at Kompania Piwowarska appreciate the ingenuity and technology that our partners at CANPACK were able to bring to this project.” Maciej Korczak, Brand Design Manager, ZUBR.

Both award-winning can designs were produced using CANPACK’s QUADROMIX. The technology allows for a variety of designs to be printed in a single production run, creating exciting opportunities for story-telling. Thanks to QUADROMIX, consumers of 8.6 could feel unique with a choice of four designs by renowned tattoo artists. Meanwhile, ZUBR used the technology to create a campaign that inspired a feeling of responsibility. Working with the World Wildlife Fund, ZUBR replaced the signature bison on its cans with critically endangered.