Business Update    |   May 2, 2019

INDIA, May 2nd, 2019 – Can-Pack India Pvt Ltd, a beverage can manufacturer being part of the CANPACK Group, together with Hindalco Industries Ltd – Company of the Aditya Birla Group and Ball Beverage Packaging (India) Pvt Ltd, announced the launch the Aluminum Beverages Can Association of India (ABCAI) with the aim of  promoting the use of aluminum cans for beverage packaging.

The core objective of the allied partners in ABCAI is to work with corporations, governments, trade bodies, and consumer organizations to raise awareness of the benefits of aluminum beverage can use, including economic and environmental factors. The Association will also be involved in the analysis of beverage can consumption, emphasizing its benefits to environment, logistics and transportation as well as water and energy conservation.

An increase of packaged food consumption and the growing consumer awareness of environmental issues created the demand for eco-friendly quality products and the application of advanced technologies, which are the most important drivers in the development of sustainable packaging in India. Aluminum thanks to its unique properties addresses all these needs serving as an ideal material for many industrial applications. From a circular perspective, aluminum cans are truly the most sustainable packaging. They are infinitely recyclable, easily collected and sorted ensuring by far the highest economic value in the recycling stream. In just 60 days, they can be fully recycled and returned to a store shelf serving as a new product. – underlined Harsh Vardhan Jajoo, Managing Director and CEO, Can-Pack India

Aluminum cans are unbreakable, impact-resistant and puncture-resistant. They can also withstand extreme temperatures and pressure preserving contents perfectly delivering safe products due to a total barrier against light, gas and oxygen. Its compact nature and strength makes it efficient for logistics and retail trade.