CEO Message

At CANPACK, we work hard to “create that feeling” for the brands we work with. This goes beyond the look and feel of our packaging solutions. One feeling that’s becoming increasingly important to create is that our clients and their consumers feel they have made a sustainable decision by choosing to work with us.

Over the last two years, we have worked hard to set up a structured sustainability management system. We launched our CANPACK Global Sustainability Policy in 2019, which revolves around three sustainability pillars: CARE, SUSTAIN, and RECYCLE.

In accordance with these pillars, we have put a variety of sustainability activities into practice across all of our sites, which are described in more detail in this section of the website.

In Autumn 2019, we signed up to the ten principles of the UN Global Compact. This demonstrates our commitment to creating a sustainable business that can play a part in helping to achieve the UN’s ambitious Sustainable Development Goals.

These are only the first of many steps on our sustainability journey. The next step in our agenda is to increase cooperation with all business partners, clients, suppliers, and competitors to make the entire industry more sustainable.

Marius Croitoru, Interim CEO and Group CFO