Shepherd Neame, Britain’s oldest brewer, chose to work with CANPACK to rebrand its iconic Spitfire beer. The latest cans, which feature Spitfire’s namesake plane soaring through the heart of the logo, are printed using CANPACK’s matt varnish. This finish enhances the beer’s new beautifully designed, contemporary branding and ensures that the cans are visually appealing to consumers.   “As one of Britain’s most recognizable brands, Shepherd Neame has an extraordinary history of sharing British beer with the world. CANPACK is proud to be a part of updating the classic beer cans, which accentuate the brand’s new logo and give the cans a fresh, stylish look for the future,” said Stephen McAneny, CCO of CANPACK Group. “Matt varnish, which has been used, not only captures the thrill of the Spitfire plane soaring through the sky, but also creates a stylish can for consumers to spot on the shelves and hold in their hands.”   “Spitfire Amber Ale is one of Britain’s most iconic beers, being sold in more than 40 countries and holding a royal warrant,” said Louise Buet, Marketing Manager of Shepherd Neame. “With our new logo featuring the Spitfire plane, we wanted to ensure that our cans were as appealing as the ales inside. With more choices on shelves than ever before, having a well-designed, enhanced can for our product – as well as one that celebrates our heritage and brand – is critical for success. Working with CANPACK, we were able to ensure a great quality of the can’s print, which, together with stylish matt effect, supports our focus on the Spitfire brand and the value it represents.”   Matt is one of the varnishes implemented by CANPACK, which produces the effect of the matt can, striking in both visual and touch. The use of lacquer enables cans to have classy and elegant look, as well as soft feel.    

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