As consumers focus more and more on sustainable packaging, there is an increased interest in cans beyond the beer, soft drink and energy drink markets. Canned wine has been growing steadily in popularity, especially for millennials. The perfect format for convenience and on-the-go consumption, and in an environmentally-friendly pack, too.    

“Font Pincészet is excited to partner with CANPACK to bring our much-loved wines to market in new, stylish cans. Using aluminium cans ensures that our wines cool down quickly, are easy to transport, and are protected from elements such as sunlight and air. Since the summer release, it already looks like we’ve managed to come up with an extremely fashionable product for young people.”

Mr. Sándor Font Font Pincészet

The brief

CANPACK is working with brands that are new to the canning market to develop sustainable packaging for products such as coffee, teas, water, wine and herbal drinks. The Hungarian winery, Font Pincészet, has worked with CANPACK to launch their white and rose sparkling FONT SECCO wines in elegantly designed, matt finish cans.

“Sustainable packaging continues to be a major focus for companies interested in environmental initiatives. Working with brands such as FONT SECCO to launch their first canned wine, CANPACK is proud to be offering packaging solutions that bring their products to market in a sustainable manner.”

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