CANPACK partners with Coolberg
on canned version of India’s first
non-alcoholic beers

Gone are the days when soft drinks, juices and plain water were the only options on the menu for those wanting an alternative to alcohol. Sophisticated flavor profiles and ingredients have boosted the sector’s popularity, with innovative companies such as Mumbai-based start-up Coolberg leading the charge on the Indian market.



“Our motto is a drink which has amazing taste, is refreshing with cool vibe and can be consumed anytime and anywhere. Thanks to collaboration with CANPACK we can offer our consumers refreshing drinks with exciting malt-based flavors in a beautifully designed packaging.”

Yashika Keswani Co-Founder of Coolberg

The brief

Coolberg, now part of Ghodawat Consumer, launched India’s first non-alcoholic beers that are to stand out as an alternative to regular soft drinks, as well as to traditional alcoholic beverages. Coolberg partnered with CANPACK on two cans – for its Cranberry and Peach malt zero-alcohol beer flavors.


Convey premium look

Underline the natural origin or craftsmanship of the product

Velvety softness at consumers’ fingertips

How We created that feeling

CANPACK applied its special effect MATT varnish to enhance the premium design and characteristics that are close to the heart of the Brand. The MATT varnish adds on elegance and underlines the natural ingredients of the drinks. For Coolberg, offering a premium drinking experience and a unique flavor profile is key and the stylish cans communicate these promises to the consumer.

“Product packaging is crucial for new product launches. Coolberg cans, with elegant look and smooth finish, work hard at introducing the new drinks to consumers. They showcase the technical capabilities of our MATT varnish and how well it works at enhancing premium and innovative qualities of the beverage brands.”

Stephen McAnenyGroup Commercial Officer at CANPACK

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Cans are made of permanent material that’s INFINITELY RECYCLABLE with no loss of quality.

They can be back on supermarket
shelves as a new drink cans
in as little as 60 days!

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