CANPACK concept design: sparkling rosé

CANPACK knows it better than most: the 360° printable surface of a can has great storytelling potential. With beers, RTD cocktails and wines all widely available in cans, shop shelves have become a gallery of small-scale artworks vying for consumer attention. But does the battle for the consumer finish once they have selected a can from the shelf? This is the core question CANPACK asked when working on its concept design for a sparkling rosé.    

“At CANPACK, we aim to help customers enhance the consumer experience when it comes to packaging execution. We understand that brand storytelling is a vital consideration for the product to stand out on the shelf; special effects applied by CANPACK push beyond first sight and can create new ways to build brand awareness.”

Michał Schilbach Global Marketing Manager at CANPACK


Different finishes offer a distinctive experience that helps a packaging design stand out. By selecting an unusual lacquer finish, a can has a quantifiable point of difference compared to the average competitor. Moreover, by engaging a different sense, the packaging establishes a memorable connection through a separate, non-visual avenue.


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Complex touch and feel experience

How we created that feeling

When devising a concept for a sparkling rosé, the CANPACK team chose the PEARL special effect. The varnish has a dual purpose, providing both a glittery effect and subtly textured finish. The design aims to tie the feel of the can to a range of celebratory images: confetti, carnivals and the bubbles of sparkling wine.


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