Our Strategy

At CANPACK our success is built on a customer-driven strategy of stable supply, sustainability, innovate R&D and agile assets.

Our Strategy is made up of 6 key pillars.

Customer Focused

Top Class Facilities

Strategic Greenfield Investment

Supply Stability

Sustainability Focused

R&D Innovation

Map of Canpack business Divisions

Our Business Divisions

CANPACK has four key business divisions which currently span across Europe, South America, Asia and Africa (North America to be added).

100% Sales

Beverage cans and ends division

  • The largest CANPACK division and a main focus for future investment
  • 23bn annual can production capacity
  • 18 facilities
  • Investing in state-of-the-art greenfield projects
  • Very high utilisation rates

8% Sales

Glass Division

  • 5 furnaces, grown from 1 furnace in 2005
  • Active in Poland and India
  • Produces a variety of bottles for the drinks industry
  • Active in both cullet and primary production
  • Offer full design and print customisation

5% sales

Food & Industrial Packaging Division

  • Oldest business division in CANPACK
  • 2 production plants in Poland
  • Produces 800m pieces per annum
  • Market leader in Polish steel can food market
  • Broad product range – 140 products

4% Sales

Metal Closures Division

  • Began production in 1991
  • Produces 15bn pieces each year in Europe
  • 5 production plants across Poland, France, Slovakia, Czechia and Ukraine
  • Top 3 globally for metal closures/crown caps

Our Management

At CANPACK, Quality is one of our six core values which drives our underlying strategy. Having Quality people applies across the whole company from the individuals leading the company on the Supervisory Council, the Executive Committee running the company and our employees who work globally throughout CANPACK.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for the day-to-day management, direction and implementation of strategy for CANPACK. The committee is constructed of long-tenured, experienced management with demonstrable long track records.

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Peter Giorgi

Supervisory Council

The Supervisory Council provide top level strategic advice to the Executive Committee and have final approval responsibility on material investment decisions


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